You Go: Lisbon Tourist Guides for the Mobile

by Lisbon Apartments on October 25, 2009

Lisbon Mobile Tourist Guides

Lisbon Mobile Tourist Guides

The Director General of the Lisbon Tourist Board, Vítor Costa, has announced a new tourist guide available to be viewed on mobile devices, which provides tourist information and recommendations on several subjects for Portuguese tourists and also those from abroad who visit Lisbon, Sintra, Oeiras, Estoril or Mafra. The guides can be purchased at any of the 16 tourist offices in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon, and also in Internet.

According to Mr. Costa, this “innovative product” for mobiles is more comprehensive than a traditional guide on paper, because “it is more dynamic and contains more information”, with constant updates. The objective is to “promote and facilitate visits to these Portuguese tourist destinations”. The “You Go” guides are the result of a partnership between the Associação de Turismo de Lisboa (ATL, or Lisbon Tourist Board), a Empresa do Turismo do Estoril (Estoril Tourist Company), the Câmaras Municipais de Sintra, Oeiras e Mafra (the Sintra, Oeiras and Mafra city halls), and the company “M-Insight”, who actually created the product.

The guides are available in Portuguese, English and Spanish, and may be purchased at any of the 16 tourist information offices in Lisbon, visited by around two million foreigners per year, or in Internet from the Ask Me Lisboa, Turismo de Lisboa or You Go websites.

Mr. Costa explained that, once purchased, the guide will be constantly updated for 3 weeks. After these 3 weeks, the application remains available on the mobile but without being updated. These guides allow the tourist or resident to take full advantage of the cultural and gastronomic offerings of the particular city or region, together with tips about nature, tours, nightlife and other tourist activities.

He emphasised that the “You Go” guides will “facilitate visits to these tourist destinations and in the future will be a promotion tool, because information about this product available abroad will motivate many more people to visit Portugal”.

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