Why rent?

Cheaper than a hotel
A simple 1-bedroom flat with a sofa-bed in the living room can easily accommodate up to 4 guests. And with prices as low as 60 euros per night, it works out as low as 15 euros per person! Compare that to a hotel.

Home away from Home
Simply move your home and family to another place! Adapting to another culture, language and a strange city becomes much easier when you feel at home right from the first moment. Open the windows, enjoy the views, watch TV, browse Internet, read on the sofa: do whatever you normally do at home, but in the wonderful city of Lisbon!

Enjoy more space
In an apartment you're not cramped like you are in a small hotel room. Even with just 1 bedroom you have the living room, kitchen and dining area. Sit and relax on the sofa, watching TV or reading a book. Or help each other prepare a delicious meal in the kitchen while enjoying a nice glass of Portuguese wine.

Keep your own time
In a hotel you're forced to eat at certain times, made to leave your room for the cleaning staff to have access, and are generally obliged to do things their way. In an apartment you can maintain your own times and rhythms, live life your way.

Eat cheap
Don't waste your money dining out every night if you don't want to; instead prepare your favorite dishes in the comfort of your own home - sleep cheap and eat cheap too!

Keep the family together
How often have you wanted to book a nice hotel for your partner and kids, only to be told there's a maximum of 2 guests per room? How do you keep an eye on older children when their room is on a totally different floor? With an apartment you can all stay in the same space, together but without falling over each other.

Personal attention
This is our business and livelihood, so it's in our interest to keep you happy. You won't be dealing with some temporary employee on a summer job who doesn't care if you're satisfied or not. Naturally we have our own employees too, but they identify with the business as much as we do. And of course we're always just a phone call away if you need to speak to the "Manager".

Feel the comfort
Our apartments have been furnished by home-makers, not using some company catalogue. You can relax by sitting down on a real sofa, in a real home furnished for real living and not see the same corporate tables and chairs everywhere.

Experience the city
Living in a true residential area, with local inhabitants as your neighbours, allows you to be more in touch with the community. You can really experience the city and culture by buying your food at the local market, or exchanging pleasantries with the other residents in the apartment building.

Be flexible - we are!
In an apartment, your stay isn't governed by corporate rules and regulations. Perhaps your group suddenly becomes 4 instead of 3. Perhaps you'd like to take advantage of a discount for longer stays. Perhaps you want to be welcomed with a nice basket of fruit and a bottle of traditional Portuguese wine. All of this and much more is possible when you have direct contact with the property owners - us! Simply use the comments field on your booking form, or send us a brief email before your stay for any special requirements. And even if you need something else once you're here, we're just a quick telephone call away!

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