Property Management for Lisbon Apartments

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We offer a full Property Management service which includes: professional photos, marketing of the apartment and distribution to the most important booking sites, management of all availability calendars, communication with potential clients, capture of clients for the apartment, check-in, check-out, cleaning, washing/ironing of sheets & towels, supply of consumables like olive oil, salt, vinegar, coffee, toilet paper and bathroom gel, deposit of booking fees in your bank account, organization of any basic repairs or maintenance needed, report of guests to the Immigration Services (SEF) and payment of the Lisbon City Council tourist tax, etc. (these last two items are obligatory)

We believe in complete transparency and provide online access to the apartment's booking file, where the owner can consult at any time the current occupation level, number of bookings, value of booking, client details, etc.

The cost of this service depends on the apartment's potential and the number of properties we manage for you, but please note that all booking site commissions are already included in this fee (for example, charges 15%, which we pay from our fee at no extra cost to the owner). Apart from, we advertise on dozens of other sites - the full list can be obtained if you contact us.

You would need to register as the business owner, in the relevant category for tourist rentals (CAE 55201) and issue invoices in the clients' names for all bookings, as well as declare all earnings and taxes. If you do this, the VAT on our invoice, and all other invoices related to the business (water, electricity, gas, Internet, maintenance, new furniture or equipment, etc.) can be refunded. We can also recommend an accountant to take care of this for you, if you wish.

We are specialists in the Lisbon tourist rental market, and our excellent positioning in Google allows us to easily capture clients for the apartments we manage. For example, you can see the rankings for here:

We also have many requests for long-term rentals (3,4,6 months, etc.), which are often useful for the low season during the winter. You can see our position in Google for this kind of search here:

For long-term bookings, when we obtain a client for you directly (manual booking, not from one of the booking portals), we charge 1 month's rent for a year contract, 50% of a month's rent for a 6 month rental, 25% of a month's rent for a 3-month rental, and so on proportionately.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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