Apartments in Lisbon for large groups.

Apartments for large groups

We have recently added to the LisbonApartments website several large apartments that can sleep groups of up to 22 people. These are great apartments for a group of friends, a large family, or stag and hen weekends (bachelor parties or bachelorette parties). We also have several apartments in the same building that can booked out together. We detail these properties below, but if you prefer, you can also simply contact us with your special requirements and we will suggest the best options for you.

Bairro Alto Palace - for up to 24 guests. 
This huge 9 bedroom apartment is located in the famous Bairro Alto neighbourhood of Lisbon and is within easy walking distance of Chiado and many of the main tourist attractions. The apartment is bright and spacious and has a 4 bathrooms, all with windows.

Apartamento Cidade de Liverpool - up to 18 guests (only available on request) 
This 5 bedroom apartment is located in a traditional neighbourhood of Lisbon with the near by Anjos Metro station. There is also easy access to the down town areas just by walking down the main avenue, where you can also hop on the famous nº28 tram 

Apartamento Angola - up to 22 guests (only available on request )
A very large 8 bedroom apartment in an old neighbourhood of Lisbon not far from the downtown Baixa. The apartment is within walking distance of a lot of the main tourist attractions of Lisbon. From the very close by main avenue (where you will find Anjos Metro station) you can walk straight down into the downtown Baixa area. 

Apartamento Angola One – up to 17 guests (only available on request)
This very spacious 6 bedroom apartment can cater for groups of up to 17. Situated very close to Anjos Metro station in an old traditional neighbourhood of Lisbon not far from the city centre. From the main avenue you can walk right down into the downtown Baixa area.

Blue Lyon- sleeps up to 15 guests (only available on request)
The Blue Lyon is situated very close to the Intendente metro station, and is not far at all from the city centre. Well within walking distance (just straight down the main avenue) of most of Lisbon’s most popular tourist attractions. Just a short walk and you can jump on the famous nº28 tram for a journey through the historic neighbourhoods of Lisbon 

There are also several apartments situated in the same buildings that can be booked out together. This option offers the possibility of large groups and for separate families to holiday together.

The Alfama River Apartments- for up to 22 guests 
Alfama River I – for up to 4 guests
Alfama River II – for up to 6 guests 
Alfama River III – for up to 6 guests
Alfama River IV – for up to 6 guests
The Alfama River apartments are located right next to the old-town district of Alfama just two minutes walk form Santa Aplonia Metro station and just a little further and you can catch the famous trams to take you up and over the historic hilly neighbourhoods of Lisbon. The apartments are fully equipped including Wi-Fi and Air-conditioning. The 2nd, 3rd & 4th floor apartments boast fantastic views across the River Tejo from the balconies. They are well served by local amenities such as supermarkets and pharmacy.

Tagus apartment - for up to12 
 Tagus 1 ground-floor studio, for 2 guests
 Tagus 2 first-floor studio, for 2 guests
 Tagus 3 second-floor studio with views, for 2 guests
 Tagus 4 third-floor studio with views, for 2 guests
 Tagus 5 fourth-floor 1-bedroom with views, for up to 4 guests

The Tagus apartments are located in the historic district of Alfama one of the most typical neighbourhoods of Lisbon famous for its winding cobbled streets, old buildings with flower filled balconies and the sounds of fado music. The apartment is well served by public transport Santa Apolonia Metro station is just 10 minutes walk away,

The Auris Apartments – for up to 16 guests 
Auris 1 Second-floor air-conditionaed 3 bedroom apartment, for 4 guests
Auris 2 third-floor air-conditioned 3 bedroom apartment, for 4 guests
Auris 3 (ourth-floor air-conditioned 2 bedroom apartment, for 3 guests
Auris 4 (fourth-floor air-conditoned 3 bedroom apartment, for 5 guests)

The Auris apartments are well located right in the heart of Lisbon's Baixa district, or downtown area, this is the perfect location to see the city. From here you can easily walk to the main monuments and attractions, such as the castle, cathedral and the Santa Justa elevator.

Silver I & Silver II – for up to 9 guests on the same floor.
The Silver I & II apartments are situated in one of the most central locations in the city, on the 5th floor (elevator up to 4th floor) of a renovated building on the Rua da Prata street, one of the most well-known streets in the downtown Baixa area of Lisbon. 

Sé de Lisboa apartments – for up to 12 guests. 

Sé de Lisboa I- 1st floor 1 bedroom apartment for up to 4 guests.  
Sé de Lisboa II- 2nd floor 1 bedroom apartment for up to 4 guests.
Sé de Lisboa III – 3rd floor 1 bedroom apartment for up to 4 guests.

This property is located in the heart of the Alfama Old Town district of Lisbon. From just outside the door you can catch the famous nº28 tram that will take you over the hills and into downtown Lisbon. You are also within walking distance of the city centre and downtown.

The Panoramic apartments - for up to 15 people in the same building.

Panoramic Apartment for up to 4 guests
Panoramic Studio for up to 2 guests 
Panoramic VIP II for up to 4 guests 
Panoramic VIP III for up to 4 guests 

The Panoramic apartments are located in the modern Panoramic building in the famous Expo area of Lisbon. The apartments have fantastic views across the city and the river Tejo. All equipped with modern fittings including Air-Conditioning.